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Altech provides prompt and professional service to their customers in a variety of disciplines.  Our knowledgeable staff can troubleshoot and analyze your process to help, recommend changes or improvements that will net you productivity.

The services offered include process and electrical design, including flowsheets, schematics & P&IDs.  Our roots are deep in process automation and instrumentation.

Once the design phase is complete, construction of control panels, process piping, vessels, and other infrastructure come together.  Typically concurrent with this, is a great deal of the software development and programming of PLCs and HMIs including SCADA software.

At commissioning, all of the equipment hardware and software is brought to work in unison with final programming and parameterization.

The final stage is training the operators and supervisors on the operation of the new equipment, and going over the documentation for the system with the maintenance personnel.

Altech is available after the installation to provide support for the installed controlled systems.  Altech also will provide field service for existing equipment in all manner of manufacturing facilities.

Our customer's industries include packaging equipment, dairy, and municipal water/wastewater.  As such, we have experience in many different work environments, and understand many different standards.  We work closely with CFIA, Industry Canada, and speak their "languages".